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Now waiting for the weather to change…

Planning my first ride for the first Sunday to get to the DOCGB Surrey branch meet-up at Newlands corner.  Will be a small shakedown to ProTwins and get the wheels balanced, (now I have the disc carriers replaced), so may be looking for a couple for buddies to come and join me on the ride, […]

So it has been a while….

Having changed jobs and the winter making it a bit miserable to be in the shed, the decent weather is coming back and I have made the most of it.  My good friend Matt Manderson (First Place Finish) repainted the frame and wheels, as well as polishing the rear swing arm to get the scuffs […]

What made me go for a Ducati 888?

I grew up with my father loving bikes.  He had a Ducati 860, which I occasionally got to help him clean and very occasionally got to go pillion, during which all I could do would be giggle uncontrollably.  My father gave me some great advice, which was to get road sense in a car for […]