So it has been a while….

Having changed jobs and the winter making it a bit miserable to be in the shed, the decent weather is coming back and I have made the most of it.  My good friend Matt Manderson (First Place Finish) repainted the frame and wheels, as well as polishing the rear swing arm to get the scuffs away and remove the anodising.  The finish was superb on the swing arm, but just a little too polished for an 888 (sorry Matt!  I brushed up the surface).  Now is the time to get the bike up and running.  The engine has been back with me for a year and even though the team at Pro Twins have been superb to say it doesn’t matter how long I take, they need to be the first ones to fire it up, I feel I need to get this beauty back on the road again.

I always find myself looking for those rare parts and asking the few collectors of these bikes and parts if they have “spares” and so far the community has come together and helped, but there are more of these being restored now, rather than built as race bikes, so parts are becoming harder to acquire.  I believe I have everything I need to rebuild her now and just leaving Matt to take his time to do the panels, but I don’t have the space to store them right now, so he can take his time.

I have updated the site with progress from this Easter’s 4 day weekend of fettling. so please have a look at how she is coming on.


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